In accordance with resolution N° 4567 form 27 April 2017, MS Bank provides a “Complaints Channel”.

Employees, partners, clients and suppliers can report (anonymously, if wished) circumstances which could be indication of illicit activities within the organization.

All complaints will be treated as confidential and with total independence and impartiality.

The Complaints channel should be used to report issues such as:
- Law violation;
- Internal regulations violation;
- Money laundering;
- Terrorism financing;
- Fraud;
- Corruption;
- Any type of discrimination;
- Harassment (moral or sexual).
- Ethical misconduct.

For complaints regarding our services and products, please use the ombudsman channel, click here.

For faster service, please:
• Describe the fact clearly and objectively;
• Name, if any, the names of MS Bank people who may be involved;
• Any other information that may be relevant to the verification of the truth of the facts reported.

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